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Pro-Active in analyzing possibilities ....and creative in making working solutions...

Oostrom Technics is a privately owned company, with over 40 years extensive experience in a very wide various technical solutions.

During our research and development, we where able to supply your clients innovating solutions which were never done or used before!

After builded and tested our Rotary-Engine in the year 2005, to get this further in a market what is based on ...... , meaning the markt after "Wankel, Non-Solid-Banks and ......."!

So we decided to create some 'Kits", this from several uniq working parts from that same Rotary-Engine, what did give us: 3 different Ad-On-Kit's, those can be builded on normal Diesel-Engine's:

Current status proven results:

Fuel-Mix-kit: ≤ 50% less Fuel / ≤ 90% CO2 reduction,

Heat-Recovery-kit: makes the Engine ≥ 60% Mechanical efficient,

Exhaust-Filter-kit: Almost ZERO pollution in CO2 / Fine-Dust!

Working you can see below, basic, because of loaded contents!!


The different Ad-On-Kit's are available, for a wide range of market common Diesel-Engine's, to save a GREAT amount of the running Fuel-costs for the owners, and the envoironment from our kids!

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